Artwalk 2017- Stalking Cat Art in San Diego

Prowling Artwalk in downtown San Diego is always a feast for the eyes (and the stomach – it’s in Little Italy after all). Cat themed paintings, sculptures and jewelry were as easy to find as a good slice of pizza at this year’s Mission Federal sponsored event. These feline friendly artists escaped their stuffy studios and galleries and took to the streets like Garfield on lasagna.



Since I’m writing this on Cinco de Mayo I’d better start with David Lozeau. He’s a Day of the Dead Artwalk illustrator with a killer sense of humor and the proper attitude towards our feline overlords.

Dia de los Gatos - Day of the Dead skull overrun by cats

His “Dia de los Gatos” has the requisite skull, but it’s overrun with a clowder of cats who really aren’t taking the grim reaper too seriously.

There’s a kitty sleeping in an eye socket. Another playing with a ball of yarn.  A black cat’s looking for a bit of good luck (he’s sliding down the cheekbones clawing for a good grip). Kittens climb on carpeted cat trees and steal cat treats.

And BrandyCat just pointed out that the painting even has a Siamese looking like someone suggested she needed a bath when what she really wants is some ceviche (hold the citrus juice please!).

See more of David’s art and contact him to create something special for you:

Or just pick up a cool t-shirt or two with more artwork featuring more misbehaving kitties.


"Serentiy" a cougar resting in the woods. Scratchboard art by Heather Lara

“Serenity” by Heather Lara

At the other end of the artistic spectrum in the Little Italy Artwalk 2017 were Heather’s hyper-realistic scratchboard wild cat portraits. She doesn’t have a formal art degree. Her meticulously detailed style was developed while taking scientific illustration courses at UC Santa Cruz for her Biology studies.

You almost feel like you could reach out and feel each individual hair in the cougar depicted in “Serenity“. That panther looks like it could leap out from the frame, but is too darn comfortable sitting in the golden sunshine to bother.  Get your big cat fix without the high butcher bills and freaking out your Felis catus.

Her website also offers her art on metal prints. They’re good for outdoors, bathrooms and other areas that need a touch of the wild but are subject to damp and weather.

Check out more of Heather’s original art, prints and ornaments (some very affordably priced at $20):

  • Email:
  • Website:


3 blue cats painted by Padgett Mason

Cats by Padgett Mason

Padgett paints  her pet portraits with bold colors and brush strokes.

These three blue cats are part of Padgett’s Funky Felines series. I didn’t get all of the kitties in this painting that I found at the Artwalk, it extends to the left by at least 2 more cats. But it fit the camera frame and the Siamese-like felines have great cattitude. I couldn’t find this particular painting on her website. But if you like it, contact her at one of the resources below so that you can take a better look at it and make it yours.

She enjoys capturing the essence of peoples pets and a number of portraits were on display in her booth. She doesn’t limit herself to felines. Take a look at her website and other online locations. You’ll see loyal dogs, goats and other colorful critters on her website also. Roosters anyone?

See more of Padgett’s painterly kitties:


"Go Dog Go" by Moni Blom at Artwalk 2017

“Go Dog Go” by Moni Blom

Holy Happy Cat Totem! This wheely kitty grabbed my eyes from across the street and I had to come look. And then I discovered that it was a dog sculpture. Still looks like a cat to me. So I decided to keep it in this Artwalk collection.

Moni’s colorfully unconventional sculptures have that effect on people. When I asked her about her art she said that she’s more interested in what people read into her pieces rather than a rigid interpretation of what she wants you to see. She uses white ceramic clay and vivid shades that remind you of the circus, children’s books or just the last time you let yourself really relax and daydream.

Take a class from Moni or enjoy more joyful ceramics at:


"Spring Cub" by Peggy Bradshaw-Palm original oil painting on canvas

“Spring Cub” by Peggy Bradshaw-Palm

This tiger cub stole my heart. Peggy depicts both the baby fuzz and endlessly playful attitude of the young cats that I’ve recently seen at the Safari Park. This one looks like he’s about to ambush a litter mate, or mom’s tail.

Her artwork reflects her rural life in Alpine and a reverence for wildlife everywhere. She captures the emotions and beauty of the untamed world and our need to protect and nurture it. Her paintings in her Artwalk exhibit tent depicted many different types of big African and Asian cats but also the local cougars.

See more of Peggy’s fine art:


Painter Nicholas Ivins with mystic cat canvas

Mystic cat painting by Nicholas Ivins

In the Sphynx cat vs Mummy contest the feline’s going to win every time. Just think of how your bathroom floor looked after your cat took an interest in the spinning toilet paper roll. This cat’s even got a little smirk to show you that he was just playing with that mummy’s skull. Wait until he gets serious…

Nicholas’ art invites your inner story teller to come out. He loves the lowbrow/pop surrealist style. His art is influenced by living in San Diego with it’s many cultural influences (Day of the Dead), comic books, the ocean and all animal life. He loves revealing what might be lurking in the shadows.

Find more of Nicholas Ivin’s exotic visions:


Painting of an orange, red cat by Ingrid Penilla

Cat painting by Ingrid Penilla

My husband Bob had a bold ginger cat when he was growing up. This orange and red feline also looks fearless. Ingrid brings lots of Tijuana spice to this kitty portrait.

Contact Ingrid Penilla for more art and photography at:


Kathleen Kelly's cat in a red boat at ArtWalk 2017

Cat in a Red Boat sculpture by Kathleen Kelly

This confident cat’s not lost at sea. His tail’s a great rudder and he has the stars to steer by. And there’s plenty of fresh fish in the sea. So, like any cat, he’s looking cool and confident.

Looking at Kathleen’s clay creatures in her Artwalk exhibit space I could see that her little people are sometimes a bit abashed, or nervous, but they’re never afraid of being themselves. These sculptures are like good friends that you haven’t met yet. They’re charming. They’re always doing something interesting and you know that hanging around them will bring a smile to your face.

Find a new furry friend at:


"Cat, Who Wants to be a Tiger", an abstract cat painting in yellows, oranges, blues and red. by Mario Cespedes.

“Cat, Who Wants to Be a Tiger” by Mario Cespedes

Mario’s colorful kitty has heart (it’s right below his mouth) and ambition. But you get the feeling that this feline only wants to be a tiger if he can also go home. Being top cat does you no good unless you can lay claim to a full food bowl, a nap in your favorite window seat and a scratch behind the ear from someone who loves you.

If you like this cat’s style check out his website:


"Sneaky Cats" painting by John A. Conroy at the 2017 San Diego/Mission Federal Artwalk

Top cat of “Sneaky Cats” by John A. Conroy

I think that John told me he has 3 cats. And this ‘Sneaky Cat” must be the one that jumps on top of him at 4:00am wanting to play. There’s two other equally energetic cats in this painting. They all look like they’ve broken into the catnip stash and downed a few espressos besides.

You’ll find many cool kitty prints and giclee canvas wraps on his website. But he also is drawn to dragonflies, hummingbirds and dancing beach goddesses.

Love his art but it’s not quite the right shade for your decor? Email him your color scheme and he’ll match it with your selected art.

For more graphic gatos:

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  • Or give him a call at 310-384-7459


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