Cat Art for Unconventional Kitty Artwork Connoisseurs

Cat art is almost as cool as cats themselves. The most obvious is wall art like stretched canvases and framed and matted prints and paintings. Then of course there’s pillows, throws and even shower curtains. And don’t forget apparel like t-shirts and necklaces. BrandyCat and I can’t get enough of it. There’s all sorts of opportunities to get your cat art fix. So much cat art, so little time!

First, let’s start with some interviews with some talented creators.

Featured Cat Artists

Annie Dunn – a digital illustrator with a whimsical and thoughtfully spooky style.

"Mycroft" a victorian top hatted cat by Annie Dunn

Laura Berry – unabashedly funny cat art made to make you smile. artwork by cat artist Laura Berry

Artwalk San Diego

More feline loving artists from the huge downtown Mission Federal sponsored event in Little Italy. All that kitty art and pizza too. Heavenly.

What else do we plan for this cool cat art page?

  • More original cat paintings in all styles like modern art, impressionism, minimalistic, futuristic, romantic and simple black and white. From famous artists and those not so well known.
  • Cat drawings resources including how make your own even if you did your best art in kindergarten
  • Where to get cat portraits done of your furballs
  • Cat photography – great photographers and how to make your kitty look fabulous in your pics
  • Cat breeds pictures – including black cats and of course lots of Siamese cat pictures (because BrandyCat’s not shy at all. Nope, there’s just a cat magnet under the bed.)
  • Funny cat pictures – including Simon’s Cat video links of course
  • Maneki Neko – because everyone needs a lucky cat in the kitchen who isn’t going to get underfoot when you’re moving pots of soup around
  • Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat art
  • Clip art
  • Cat Cards
  • Cat Calendars – because a cat a day keeps boredom away
  • Cat Clocks – From retro Felix the Cat to wall and mantle pieces made by modern artists

Stay tuned. More cool, accessible, affordable cat art is coming.

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